Sky Fighter

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Sky Fighter with latest Air Force planes & weapons with digital powers.

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Very interesting game The Sky Fighter.

- Currently the world is in the cloud of 3rd world war. Even child is also known the meaning of what is surgical strike?
- In the war protocol, the sky war is the biggest challenge for every country & people.
- The game includes latest Air force planes & weapons with unique powers.

Sky fighter game allows fighting in the sky. Sky fighter game is a very fast fighter plane game with nice Sound and music is very attractive, HD graphics. Sky fighter free for everyone. Excellent graphics effect in the game the sky fight game designed and animation is very beautiful Air force game. Sky fighter game is also known as Galaxy Fighter,Sky War, Air force games, Sky Force Reloaded game, Air force surgical Strike game.

Fighter plane have many type of different power for fight against enemy fighter plane. Fighter plane have powerful bullets. When fighting you can eat more power to upgrade your weapons to become stronger for destroy all enemies. Fighter plane have spectacular speed.

- Music is very attractive
- Weapons sound is different and quality is very nice
- All level is free
- Graphics is very nice
- Many different type of weapon
- Sky war zone is very nice

Download the game & get feeling of Air Force Commando !!! if you like the game than please give us good ratings & review that help us to spread out the game with your Friends.

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October 26, 2016

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